“Americans ADD,” say venture capitalists

That’s why most VCs passed on the new Big Think video service. Americans have no attention span. “All they want to see on YouTube are mini clips of cats urinating in toilets.”

Popular tech blogger Robert Scoble admits that it’s his asshat posts that generate the most hits.

Fast and crappy rule online.

Fast and crappy – as in junk food – is also the fuel for many online workaholics. Are you one who lives on sugary foods, lattes, sodas and scotch? Smokes anyone?

But some geeks and other workaholics are now turning away from junk food train and finding ways to exercise, meditate or take multis without losing their stride – or their health.

These guys don’t want to be Om’d by surprise.

We’ll report who’s doing what.

Meanwhile, five ways to reduce your bod’s dependence on the junk food/drinks:

  • 1. Cultivate mind/spirit
  • 2. Exercise (even a walk around the block or up and down the stairs helps).
  • 3. Real food and whole food supplements
  • 4. Sleep (not drug or beer induced)
  • 5. Detox

(-from nutritionist Dr Heidi.)


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