What George W does to keep fit…

“President Bush ran on Saturday morning on his 1,600-acre ranch here, between phone calls from Secretary of State…He ran on Air Force One on his way to Mexico on a treadmill set up in the jet’s conference room. Mr. Bush ran on the flight back to Washington, too.

“Mr. Bush seems determined to be the poster president for working out. His personal best is a 6:45 mile for three miles, a record he set last Thanksgiving at Camp David. He runs four to five days a week, uses an elliptical trainer about twice a week and lifts weights at least twice a week. He can bench press 185 pounds, for five repetitions.” New York Times.


3 responses to “What George W does to keep fit…

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  2. I thought President Bush had to give up jogging due to the deterioration of his knees? No?

    Instead, he works out more with weights and exercises in ways that does not stress his legs.

    Paul Eilers

  3. This was a couple of years ago…

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