“I can’t stand the guilt,” says Ann Handley

That’s why she gets out “Power walking every day for 3-ish miles,” says the Chief Content Officer of MarketingProfs and regular blogger at the Marketing Pros blog and the Huffington Post.

Here’s what Ann does.

“Power walking every day…is moderate exercise, in the grand scheme of things. But it works for me. Also, I eat well but eat right. I don’t deny myself much, honestly… but I do so in moderation. Oh, and I also have good genes. (LOL)”

What got you started doing it?

“I used to be a runner. Then a few years ago (after about 10 yearsof punishment) my knees started complaining — telling me that they’d had enough. My hips eventually joined the complaint, and I decided a fast-paced “power walk” suited my lifestyle, body and outlook better. The slower pace of a walk vs. a run — actually works better for me mentally, as I spend much of the rest of my life at a frantic pace.”

What keeps you doing it?

“I have 4 dogs. If I don’t walk them every day, they look at me with the saddest, most pathetic pairs of doe-like doggie eyes they can muster. (Sometimes, I swear they mist over.) I can’t stand the guilt.”

If you’re inspired by this story to do something for your health, weight or fitness, please comment.


2 responses to ““I can’t stand the guilt,” says Ann Handley

  1. I am curious to know what your idea of Power Walking actually is. I have heard so many people say “I power walk” then explain it differently. Personally, I just walk a couple blocks (it’s winter here in the Twin Cities and it is COLD) and wonder if that’s enough. Hopefully when the weather gets better I can walk more then a couple of blocks – and maybe I can power walk, if I can ever figure out what that means!

    Shane Lambert

  2. Hi Shane — I suppose the definition differs for each.. well, Power Walker. For me, it means walking at a pace fast enough so that my heart beats in my ears, I sweat, and I’m slightly short of breath, although I can talk with companions easily. Also, we break for pee stops. (The dogs, not me.) I come away feeling like it’s a decent workout, in other words.

    You are probably the only person who can answer the question — “Is it enough?” But if you feel at least slightly exhilarated and feel you got a nice jaunt, then you probably did. If not, then go a little further — or walk a little harder.

    That said, I hear you on the winter thing! It’s not fun in Boston, either… and it’s hard to get motivated sometimes, during the colder/slushier weather. All I can say is — spring eventually comes! Until then, keep giving it a go!

    Thanks for stopping by.

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