This is Kim Klaver. This blog was sparked by the sudden death of Marc Orchant at his computer and Om Malik’s unexpected heart attack at Christmas. Fortunately Om is still with us.

This blog is to help sitting workaholics who know they have to get off the junk food train. And off those chairs a few times each day. Expanding waistlines, constipation, nervous energy, broken relationships, hovering heart attack, who needs it?

You ready to live healthier? Exercise more, sleep better, look better, take time to rejuvenate?

I will report on what other productive people are doing – to free themselves of the food, drug and drink addictions brought them by America’s ever-present junk food nation money machine – in case there’s something you’d like to try too.

We can help each other make the change.

I’ve been a fitness nut for 20 years and am a workaholic like you. I’ve been a marketing trainer for 17 years.

Now, I do the marketing for Whole Food Nation, a new little start-up that markets whole food multis. To contact me, please email kimklaver@mac.com.

Hat tip to Nick for the blog name.

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